Is My Rooster Really Blind? What Should I Do?


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Aug 1, 2012
So I've had an Ameraucana Rooster for a year. Shortly after we got him he started to act almost dizzy. He would favor his right side vision. In other words... he would walk around the coop with his right side facing the wall at all time. Like his left eye didn't help direct him. He started out by sleeping in the nesting box as he looked afraid and we had other roosters/hens with him at the time. Now that we've put him in his own coop with just a couple hens... he jumps up on the roost and sleeps and walks around and balances himself just fine. He seems to eat and drink just fine as well. However, he still shows signs of being blind in that when you open up the coop he charges you. But he acts like he doesn't know where to go. He kind of comes at you... but misses. He just charges you until he brushes up against your leg and then "that's it." He goes bananas on you! One thing that's interesting is that on a cloudy day with the coop being dark... if I open the door he doesn't come at me as much. But when it's sunny out and I crack the door open... he charges right toward the light. Can a partially or 100% blind rooster still jump up on a beam and balance himself without any problem? I'm so confused!!! His eyes look fine and he still blinks. When I used to be able to pick him up and pet him when it all started... his eyes would just kind of shut like he was getting really sleepy. Of course now I can't really pick him up and pet him without getting bit. He actually still pecks at the other hens when they get in his way or he's next to them on the roost. But acts like he doesn't know where to peck. My husband wants to get rid of him because every time he goes into the coop to change water/feed... he gets attacked. (Which I know is understandable that he doesn't want to get attacked.) I've told him that I'll do that specific coop myself since I have a way of doing it that I block him off from getting to me. But my husband STILL doesn't like that. He wants a peaceful environment for our layer hens. I don't want him to be stuck in a coop for the rest of his life... but I'm not even sure he's blind. Friends of ours on a farm want him for egg production... but I rarely see him try and mate with the hens in there now so I'm not even sure if he has the ability to line up with another hen and mate. I really don't want him to become someone's chicken dinner. (And yes... I eat chicken.) UGH! I should have NEVER named this rooster. LoL Help please!!!


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Apr 14, 2011
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As far as whether he has lost vision in that one eye, I don't know. But I do have to say that I agree with your hubby. There are plenty of nice roo's out there. I would never tolerate a rooster that attacked me. It would be freezer camp the first time. You will need to do what is right for you though.


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Apr 23, 2013
It sounds like he is blind. Check the pupil. If he is blind it will be foggy. As for the aggressiveness he is probably adjusting give him some time before you decide.


Mar 29, 2016
Hello there i am new to the group and wondered you mentioned your blind boy gets about fine , i have a boy that has recently gone blind due to an infection in his eye , i have not seen him tread the ladies but wanted to ask if your does please thanks ever so much

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