is my rooster trying to lay an egg? does this hen have wry neck? pics!


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This roo/hen has been squaking and turning about in the nest the last 2days. i thought it was a roo although it is much older the the other chicks its with so maybe i just decided it was a roo because its huge comb and waddles. what do you think? i have no clue now it looks like its trying super hard to lay yet nothing has come out. she/he hasnt left the nest until i went out today to snap a pic and of course it jumped down. is feathering and grooming the nest. Maybe He is confused as to what his job is. he/she is about 18weeks old. Ive heard of roosters showing hens how to groom and trying to intice (sp?) the hens into the nests. He/she also makes a God awful sound while laying in the nest. unlike a crow ive ever heard.




also the pic of the buff hen she is 12weeks and her neck is super short and shes not eat but trying to drink lots. she can hold her head up at times but she doesnt when she takes a drink. she walks around fine pecks at food but the is just bone. I have 4 others tha hatched the same day they are all pretty thick but there is nothing to this baby girl
she friendly and follows you around like she waiting for food. i mashed up some food to liquid form and fed it to her bu then she walks around with her mouth open. since ive been syringe feeding her shell open her mouth to me. but nothing really goes down. her croup is non exsistant completely empty. she not compact.





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i didnt mean short but ive had chicks with wry neck that were all twisted hers isnt its just dips down at the base of the neck like a "J"
Pretty sure that white one is a female, so yes, there is a good chance of it getting ready to lay. Putting golf balls in the boxes helps them figure out where to lay. Idk wry neck.
Post a higher quality picture of its back feathers. If they are pointy and long, then it is a male. Looks fluffy from the ones you posted previously.
On your sick girl, have you checked for mites and lice? When a bird is heavily infested they will look all droopy like that. That is what i would check first. It does not look like wry neck to me. Can you check her poop? If there is blood in the poop it could be coccidiosis. Probably the best course of action, if she does not have mites or lice, is to get a fecal sample tested.

On your "rooster" i'm not sure that is a rooster. i would think the comb and wattles should be much larger. So it may be a hen trying to lay an egg. But also, roosters will get in nest boxes, turn around, and chirp. i've had mine do that, and have read that they are trying to coax the ladies closer so they can mate.
Ms.Frizzle :

Post a higher quality picture of its back feathers. If they are pointy and long, then it is a male. Looks fluffy from the ones you posted previously.

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