Is Natures Hatchery year round? How long does it take them to ship?

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    Dec 12, 2010
    Hi, we just ordered from natures hatchery yesterday morning via email. We provided all payment info and contact info (email). This is our first time ordering from a hatchery or even having chickens/ducks. I'm SOOO excited!!!! I was under the impression from the web site that they are year round, am I correct? I havn't recieved any reply that they received my order, or any time frame. This is a Christmas gift from my husband. Does any one know when I should expect to receive them, or even hear from them? I live in California so I asked them if they can select a fast shipping method to help ensure a safe arrival and not get stuck too long in the post office christmas delays. I want to make sure to notify the post office but don't know if it is going to be a few days or a few months! Nothing on the web site said that they were not available so I assume all are available but again this too was not said. Any one that can provide any information, I welcome it and thank you!

    This is what we ordered:

    Cayuga female duckling X1
    Silver laced wyandotte X9
    Golden laced wyandotte X9
    Buff orpington X2
    Easter Eggers X2
    Barrod Rock X2

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