Is Pharoah another color of Coturnix?

pharaoh = brown coturnix.... the plain jane buick centry of the quail breeds
Very tasty
LOL i like boyds discription

the only thing i can add to this is that a pharoah is the wild type, as in only 5-6 ounces at adult weight and brown.....the same thing as all other coturnix, just the wild type.

Best way to put it, ya know how you can get bobwhites in the traditional bobwhite colors (aka the wild colors) but you can also get them in white and red and golden? Same dealio with coturnix
Pharoah is the wild
Okay someone is selling a pair on craigslist but they are saying they are good for cleaning up the seed in your aviary and that the male only crows once in the morning... So it didnt sound like my coturnix LOL My roos are crowing all day! Well at least the newly crowing A&M's do.
So the seed in the aviary sounded more like a button quail to me.

that's what they're know for
I think it's because they are a ground loving bird, not real big on roosting. My cousins have peafowl in a large paddock, and I think I am going to see if they'd like to have some quailies of their own to help with the lil critter populations
Sort of keep the floors clean to keep the rodents out!
Ahhh I didnt realize people used coturnix for that too... should I be feeding mine some seed?

I used to get it for my buttons but havent for my coturnix.
I don't know the nutritional value of seeds, but like any bird, they eat about anything
seeds would be considered treats only to be given sparingly.

Best treat with seeds is to let the seeds germinate for 3 days before you feed it to htem it ups the nutirtional value

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