Is Picking normal behavior?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by goosemama, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Just bought 4 Pilgrim goslings from a private party. I was told the two males were 2 weeks old and the 2 females a week old. They were incubated eggs not parent raised. The 2 younger females are fine but the two males have bald spots on their heads, side of necks (one worse than the other). They were this way when I bought them and the owner said they rubbed their heads on the metal brooder? Now I wonder if this was the case. Observed them nibbling at each other immediately and sometimes the females too but they scurry quickly out of the way. Have them in a very large brooder area w/food, water, warm light and I pick grass for them daily. Is this picking normal goose behavior to the point of balding or is this a sign of being overcrowded perhaps by the first owner? I bought a little portable pen yesterday and put it on the lawn so they can graze under my supervision when its warm enough outside in order to give them more grass and space options. I am new to geese raising so would appreciate any opinions you pro's out there have on this issue. Thanks in advance.
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    You Should Get Some Letuce And Give It To The Gooslings In The Box So They Dont Pick Eachother. Also Do U Know How To Turn The Letters I Type Small Again? I Hit A Button And Now They Are All Capitlised! Sorry!

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    Oh geese love,love,love to nibble. I would find thin spots on them around that age but usually around the tail. I think your idea of having them spend more time grazing is a good idea. If they are nibbling on grass they are less likely to chew on each other. as long as they don't irritate the skin too much it probably isn't an issue. Make sure they have a bit of grit in their diet with the grass, I have even heard that sandy soil can work.
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    In my experences with my hatches is I always have some who do pick. I think part is boredom and being in confined areas and once they start its almost like they are obsessed. They always stop when I turn them outside for the day but once back in the brooder they start again. Usually I have to seperate the picker from the others when they are in the brooder. I put a stuffed animal in with the seperated ones. I use those big cow/horse water troughs as my brooder and put them side by side so they care hear each other and they actually do fine seperated till ready to go outside.
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    Some will pick even under the best of manangement, access to grass and being outside all day.
    I haven't figured out how to stop it but they do seem to out grow it.

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