Is pumice harmful to chicks/chickens?


Crossing the Road
5 Years
Mar 20, 2017
I have pumice dust I considered adding to my chicken's dust bath area but I want to be assured it isn't harmful to them first. This is pure pumice dust sold as a chinchilla bath product. Does anyone know if it's safe for chickens?

I don't know about that particular product, but here are some general guidelines:

Whatever is safe for the outside of a chinchilla should be safe for the outside of a chicken.

But I would worry about chickens breathing it, because of how they kick the dust around during their dust bath.

If it is not safe to breathe, then leave it out.

If it is safe for people and chinchillas to breathe, then it should also be safe for chickens' to breathe, and therefore should be fine in their dust bath.

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