Is Quarantine Necessary for Chicks from Same Farm?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by thailand, May 12, 2011.

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    I'd like to hear the advice of others please. I have 3 three month old chicks - 2 roos and just the 1 pullet. I'm wanting to add to my flock and am thinking about getting another 3 pullets (9 or 10 week olds) from the same farm that the original 3 came from. My question is: is it still necessary to quarantine the new chicks for 30 days?

    As all chicks come from the same farm I'm hoping I might just be able to put the new chicks in a dog crate in the chicken coop with the older birds. What do you all think?

    Thanks for your help with this....

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    Yes, I think it's necessary. It's not where they come from, but when you get them. A chicken who is not infected in March could be infected in June. So if you get a bird from a farm one month, then three months later, you go back to get more, a contagion could have run through their flock and any birds you get after that may have something that you bring home with that bird.
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    what about newly hatc hed chicks? we are getting some in less than a week and we already have an established flock of 31 and these chicks will only be with us; they were hatched at the pre-k class; I helped the best I could and they've only been there; then they will be here in a brooder set up away from the flock for at least 2 months...can I integrate then w/o quarantine?
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    Basically, if they are in a brooder for two months with no exposure to other birds, they are in quarantine already. Now, if one comes down with a respiratory infection and you put it in the flock anyway, that cancels out the benefit of quarantine.
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    Quote:Thanks; thats what I pretty much thought; but I needed to make sure as I didnt want to integrate incorrectly...
    once I do it a time or two I'll be old hat at it! :)

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