Is Sarah a roo?


12 Years
Jan 3, 2008
This is daughters fav chicken, I posted about in early Jan.

I got rid of the other BW roos, but this last week been taking a closer look at Sarah.
She is about 17 weeks old, and though I didn't think there were any saddle feathers, but now I think I do.

Can a chicken wait to form saddle feathers until they are 17 weeks?

She was smaller than the other two guys, and almost as big as my RIR hens, but has always been the most bold.
The gray one has bantam in her gene pool.
Aw nuts, the camera is in DH car, the best I got are Jan pictures
Larger this month


Jan (approximately 8 weeks old)



Would it help If had more pictures tomorrow? Or would that be pic overkill?
At 8 wks old thats what she/he looked like...I would like to see an updated picture, but I am going to say that Sarah is a roo. Looks like the sickle feathers were starting to fill out in the 8wk pic...JMHO
If Sarah is a leghorn, she doesn't look like my leghorn roo at 4 months old. HOWEVER... she shouldn't have such a big comb at 8 weeks old in the previous pic... so maybe she is a he... is that a big sickle feather near the tail there I see?


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