Is she a Roo???


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Mar 23, 2013
I have a black silkie that hatched in June that I thought was a pullet until I saw her mount another pullet (white cross breed) yesterday. The reason I thought it was a she is because she makes the same 'Brock Brock Brock' noise as the rest of my hens and has never crowed, no eggs yet either. The black silkie and the white cross breed are at the very bottom of the pecking order and stay away from my other layers (white leghorns and red sex links). I recently put 3 new babies and put them in a pen next to rest of them and 1 of them is definitely a roo; crows, puffs up, and protects the other 2 babies. How can I tell if my black silkie is a roo or not??
Could you post a photo? Silkies are difficult to sex until they either crow or lay an egg, but hens don't usually mount. Are you sure "she" tried to mount the other pullet? Sometimes birds attack eachother by jumping on top of their back and yanking at their neck feathers.
Please let me know if those pictures worked. fingers crossed.
Agree, from the looks of the feathers and the width of the comb I'd say you have a roo.
Little hard to tell from the pictures. I would say girl - compared to my White's of similar age. Bearded Silkies can be hard to tell. I usually compare them to another in the same brood. Their comb and wattles are supposed to be mostly obscured (completely in the case of wattles) by the crest and beard. Still, I think the comb is too small for a male if I'm making out the picture correctly.

Do you have another from the same brood?
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No, unfortunately that my only silkie, the rest are crosses and look very different. i will try to get a better picture of her/his face tomorrow.

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