Is she alright? Please help, newbie here, with possible emergency.

six little chicks

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I recently got a pair of Porcelain D'uccle Bantams. The rooster is doing great, but my hen is worrying me a bit. The first night she had trouble figuring out how to get into the coop, which was to be expected, so we put her in there on the roost and she was just clucking away happy as can be. The second night, same thing. Last night I wasn’t feeling so good, darn sinuses. I went out about 9:30pm to close the coop up for the night, everyone was in for the night or so I thought. I was walking around the coop to make sure all doors were secure for the night before I shut the chicken door; I noticed that there was something next to the run door and the waterer, it was my poor hen, all squished up in a ball a sleep for the night. I picked her up and she cuddled right up with me. She’s so small, and I am starting to wonder if she is eating enough and if there is anything wrong with her. When I put out scratch in the morning she eats that and plus any treats I bring out such as watermelon, or the other night my DS thought he was being slick and thought he could sneak them French fries with out mommy knowing. But I just don’t know. Should I bring her in the house for a few days and see how she does, or just leave her be? I would love to hear some advice from everyone here.
How old are they? How many other chickens do you have? How is her body condition? Is she acting right during the day (perky or lethargic)? Does she scratch around looking for food or does she just lay around? Do the other chickens bully her? Just some questions to ask first...
As to her not going in the coop, it is good to lock new chickens in the coop for a few days to help them learn where home is. Then they'll instinctively go inside when it gets dark. Otherwise, they may just look for a safe place and plunk it down.

If you think she seems light, since she is a bantam, after can feel her keel bone to see how meaty she is. Being able to feel the keel bone is ok as long as it has some padding on the sides of it.

Her eating whatever you bring out there is not a sign of malnutrition - just of a normal chicken. I have never been able to feed my chickens so much that they wouldn't still come running like starving refugees after some scraps from the kitchen. They're not starving. They're just chickens.
She is quite active and runs around with the other chicks(6- about 7-8 weeks old) and her mate, I don't know how old she and the rooster are, here is a picture of them.



The only one who really bullies her is the male Porcelain D'uccle Bantam, and that's when he is trying to mate with her. Which is quite often(how often do they try to do that?) When I got them they were kept in a really small cage so they have picked at each others feathers.
Please forgive me if i'm being a little dense, ok?

Is your main concern that she can't get into the coop? Is that your main symptom that something might be wrong?

Is there something you can do to modify the ramp or ladder or what-have-you to help her get in?

Are there other symptoms that i'm missing that are making you think she's sick?

Are your other chickens bantams? Are you comparing her size to them? Have you felt of her keel bone to see if she really is too light?
First off, sorry, I might have confused you.

She can't get into the coop, I am going to try and rig something up for her tonight and see if that helps. I also don't know if this is also because her wing feathers have taken quite a beating from the rooster.

I haven't seen her eating, but she is on the small side, maybe I just think she's small, my other chicks are 2 RIR's, 1 BR Roo, 1 Black Sexlink, 1 WLH, and 1 mystery chick roo, they are about 7 weeks old. The two new ones, I have no idea how old they are, but the rooster is crowing away all hours of the day. Last night when I was holding her, I was feeling around her and she did seem quite thin. I will double check tonight though.
Well, let us know.

While you're checking her crop, maybe check to see if she might be egg bound? That's all i can think of for now. Hope she's fine.

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