Is she moulting?

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    The other day, I picked up my australorp, Juliet, and found that her underside is naked. No broken feathers, no new feathers peeking out, just smooth, white chicken skin. The area seems to be the same as where my broody silkie pulled out her feathers. If I hadn't been leaning her on my chest to do a chicken-physical, I woud never have noticed it. She's not acting broody, so does this mean she's moulting. I've never seen a moulting chicken. Does anyone have any pics they can post so that I know what to expect (I swear I won't tell your girls that I saw them, when they're less than their best)?

    Edited to add: Forgot to mention that she doesn't have any lice, mites and/or worms. The flock was just wormed last month and given Sevin/DE baths a few weeks ago.
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