Is she on her way out?? (pics added)


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Apr 2, 2011
NW Ohio
My 6 month old NHR, that has been dealing with a leg injury, was recently introduced back into the flock. Not an easy task, and because she is still limping, she is always a target of being chased, or pecked. Nothing severe, but enough.

Her comb and wattles are still bright red, but today, she has been just laying down, and sleeping. Head tucked under her wing. She did lay an egg today too. But is just laying/sleeping.

Is she dying? I kept hoping she would get better, but now think she is doomed with this injury. I just have no clue what is happening with all this sleeping.

Any help?? PLease and thank you
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I don't know. Why don't you take her aside a little every day. Pamper her with some extra bits of whatever she likes or better yet, bring her along on a bug hunt. You may have to work on hydrating her. Drip a little water mixed with a splash of gatorade on her beak. Bits of grapes and tomatos. Just give her a lot of attention. They do like it along with ear, earlobe and facial rubs. Antibiotics maybe be in order but check her temperature under her wing to decide. Are her poops normal? Can she walk when she wants to? No doubt the being chased by the others keeps the leg sore. Try getting a little plain aspirin in her once a day. Crush up about 1/8 of one and put it in food or gatorade mixture but get it down her. What she needs right now is strengthening and comforting.
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I have her in the coop, with her meds mixed in her treats. The others are locked out. She nibbled it, but then went to lay down. Closed her eyes and that was that.

I left her that way, so she could have some peace. The others have food and water outside, and it is a chilly day here. A 30 degree drop in 3 days time??? Gotta love NW Ohio.

She just acts like she just can't do it anymore.

Just gave her 2 little balls of hypericum, and one dose (500mg) of Bio-Curcumin, vegetarian Formula. Mixed it with watermelon, and a bit of pasta. These were the two meds mentioned on here, and hoped it would help, but she just isn't herself.

I think I am losing her.......
Keep food and water close to her. The bullies tend to keep the weak away from food so always place in two different locations so she can get to it. Take her out for a bug hunt. Nothing cheers them up more than getting some bugs. Also, use a dropper with the water and gatorade. Drip drops on top of the beak slowly.
Went to open the coop up(pop door), and she ran out of the people door as I entered, never goes I left her alone.

I grabbed her up, and she melted into my arms. What is odd is her right leg is injured, and she can't keep her left eye open. I carried her for a while, and then came up to the house, and sat in my chair, with her, and she just sat on my lap, and hung out. She cleaned herself, and almost pooed on me, but I moved just in time. Why is the left eye/right leg not working? Stroke?

What am I to do with her????? Seriously, I have no money to do much, but she is still okay (I think), just not with the others !!

Any idea of what could be going on?
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Here she is this afternoon....laying as she did all day, head under her wing


Tonight...on my lap...I apolgize, it was taken with my cell phone..

Her right eye....


same time, her left eye, again bad pics as it was my cell...


Could it be a stroke? So confused?????
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She's a real cutie. My guess is that the others pecked her eye but I don't see any injury. Have you ever wormed her?
no, I have not. Keep cheking the poop, and it all looks good. The others are getting more aggressive, as she is not getting better. Should I buy some wazine, and try it?
You should go straight to Valbazen (albendozole). It's 1/2 ml or 1/2 cc for an average sized bird. I'd get on it right away. You'll want to worm the whole group but concentrate on her for the moment. You should also go ahead and give her a light sevin dusting. I think you'll have to keep her in a separate area of the run for a bit so she can have a chance to improve.
I had one similiar situation only without the leg injury, a one and a half year old hen just keep being sleepy. She could walk just fine her eyes looked fine when they were open. But then she lost site down low, she could see if I put food above her but not below and then she would bump into things. Eventually she lost all sight and wouldn't open her eyes at all. I treated her for everything cocci, worms (several times), gave her immune boosters, poly-vi-sol, all the food she could eat. I even tube fed her. Her comb eventually went white, which I am told is a lack of circulation and she died. I originally thought Mareks but she didn't have any of the Mareks symptoms except she died. Her eyes never looked bad like they describe in Mareks she just couldn't see. I haven't had any others have those symptoms or get sick in any way and it has been three months since this happened.

I hope you have a better outcome. Very important to treat for cocci while this goes on because that can do damage that can't be reversed. Try Sulmet or sulfadimethoxine.

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