Is something wrong with her legs?

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    May 10, 2011
    I noticed last night that that Katherine, our white rock pullet's, legs look kind of strange. Sorry the pictures aren't very good. What do you think? Is something wrong?

  2. It actually looks like the beginning of leg mites. At least go ahead and treat her for the mites.The mites go under the scales on the legs. The best way to treat the mites is to cover them with oil. Mineral oil, vegetable oil, vaseline etc.. You can even mix in Sevin dust powder (found in the garden section) in with the oil. Place generously on her legs for 3 days then wash with dawn liquid soap, let her soak in the warm water and scrub and rinse and scrub some more and rinse, then towel dry then reapply oil again. Keep applying for 10-12 days and wash the legs every 3 days. Don't miss any days. You might even need to apply longer. Mites are hard to kill. Make sure you treat the other chicken with oil and treat there living space. I'm sure some others might have suggestion on this. Good luck [​IMG]

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