Is something wrong with my chickens wing feathers?


Jun 1, 2022
I brought my chickens in for a couple of days because of the horrible heat here and I just got them back out to the run today. One of my orpingtons was stretching out to cool down and I noticed that her wing feathers look a little damaged. Is this normal or something that I should be concerned about?


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Oh no worries I appreciate any insight! I'm worried that maybe I stressed them by bringing them inside, but the heat index was over 110 and my orpingtons in particular were having a difficult time out in the heat so I thought bringing them in was the lesser of two evils
I highly recommend not bringing your birds indoors into the air conditioner and then putting them back outside in the heat.
Constantly changing their temperature like that is worse than just leaving them out in the heat to begin with.

Your picture is too blurry for me to see or tell what's going on in it.
Can you post a clear picture?

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