Is their such a thing as a quieter Roo?


9 Years
Feb 11, 2010
San Diego
Just started incubating eggs so a roo or 2 or many is inevitable. I would love to have one and I think I can in this area. Still he would have to be quiet. At least at night , till let's say 8 am? I have some BCMS in the bator now. How are they on the loud and nice scale? I also hatched out one Auracana chick. I'll do anything to keep it even if its a boy? Are any breeds quieter than others. What if it's the only roo for miles? Any info would be appreciated.
I had a Blue Ameraucana that was pretty quiet.

Now I have 4 (soon to be three) VERY, VERY NOISY roos.

My new Splash Wheaten Ameraucana that I got from Peachick is the VERY LOUDEST... and he makes me laugh.
I've only heard my buff orpington rooster crow once. It was a good sounding crow too, like the kind you hear in movies about farms.
I had a couple that wouldn't ever shut up. They would get started, then three neighbors within about a 1/2 mile who have roos would all jump in. My eventually got quiet (stewed) for various reasons. The neighborhood a quieted down considerably. The more mature roosters that remain really aren't too bad. I think rooster crowing has a lot to do with maturity and competition, at least that's what it seems like in my neck of the woods.
My Blue Oprington is very quiet, even when he DOES crow. And I used to have an Americauna that was very quiet also.


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