is there a limit as to how many pictures one can put in a post????????


9 Years
May 31, 2010
so pretty much what the title asks^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.im not sure where this goes so im putting it here. i have about 100 pics i took at a very very good friends of mines house and i was wondereing if there was a maximum number of pictures i can post. i dont think any of you would mind looking at flowers, hostas,ducks,and swans do you???
The only maximum number of photos per post is when the computer can't load the page or the character limit maxes out, I think.
I think it'd be better to try and break it up over a few pages though, so dial up users can at least dream of being able to see some.
Folks do still have dial-up and they won't even attempt to continue loading them if you tried that. Break them up into several threads, or just pick the best ones from your whole group, don't post ones that are very similar to each other, etc.
My dad always had a good axiom for times like this: "Just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean that you should do a thing!"

As for myself, I usually like to see threads with just a handful of what the poster feels is the very best shots that they have. It's that whole quality versus quantity thing for me I guess.
But I'm probably just strange that way.

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