Is there a name for this color pattern?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by houndit, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Blurred..... [​IMG]

    Probably some kind of barred mix.
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    I hate to say this but you need to either
    A) find a way to clean or replace the lens or
    B) get a new camera.

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    considering Norwegians aren't really bred for color those two are actually a mix of several color factors. the rooster looks like it might be homozygous cuckoo split for gold and silver on a duckwing or perhaps partridge or wheaton base the female again possibly partridge or dark brown she's a red with barring and possibly mottling. No clue what the Norwegians would call them in terms of names though.
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    I don´t know about their genetic background, still learning here [​IMG] but it´s some kind of cuckoo gene.
    In Norwegian the two existing varieties of the Jærhøns are called lyse gul-brun-stribede and mørke gul-brun-stribe which translates to light and dark yellow-brown-striped.
    Jærhøns have a colour standard like most other breeds, if you can read Norwegian (and have good eyes):
    here is a comparison light vs. dark variety with photos: img/smilies/smile.png" alt="smile" />">
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    The English terms for the approved colours of Norwegian Jærhøns would be Light Yellow and Dark Brown (In Norwegian commonly referred to as Lys (=light) and Mørk (=dark). It is not uncommon to get throwoffs with deviation in colour, and there are a group of breeders breeding specifically for Grey (they range from very dark via barred to very light grey).

    In the pics the roo looks Light Yellow, the hen Dark Brown. So a Norwegian would say you've got a "Lys Jærhane" (=light Jær roo) and a "Mørk Jærhøne" (=Dark Jær hen) [​IMG]

    Edit: Some Light Yellow hens appear dark in pictures. Have you had them from chicks? The roo would have been almost uniformly yellow. The hen, if Light Yellow would have been base color yellow but dark in the back of the head and with dark pattern on the back. If Dark Brown she would have been dark brown as a chick.
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    Kinda Looks Crele
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    Quote:Well they are bred for color. Light Yellow and Dark Brown are the only recognised colors, though some breeders are working on getting Grey approved as well. I have no idea of their actual genetic makeup, but some unrecognised colors do appear sometimes, like cuckoo and "Flame" - and grey. I know they don't look like "colors" when you're used to pure looking colors and patterns like blue, mottled, columbian and silver pencilled. However these colors are unique to the Norwegian Jærhøns as a breed, though you'll probably be able to create a similar pattern in a mutt if you know how to go about it [​IMG]

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