Is there a point of no return for chickens with Coccidiosis?

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    I posted last night about my sick chick.She is a five week old black Australorp. (last night i confused her for my sexlink) She has all of the classic symptoms of Coccidiosis. Yesterday she was acting normal, all I saw was bloody feces. I rushed out as soon as the store opened hoping to find some Corid. All I could find was Sulmet, so I came home and put it in the water according to the directions on the bottle. This evening when I got home from work, I checked on her first thing, and she looks awful. Normally she is running around with the others, but she was just laying there, puffed up, eyes half closed. Her comb is completely white. Tomorrow I will be able to drive down to the next closest supply store, about fifty miles away, to get Corid. Am i already too late? Is there a way to force her to drink the medicated water?

    UPDATE: She is now dead. It was an absolute horrifying experience as she started having seizures in my hands and died.

    Now I ask, should I keep the four other chicks on Sumet, or should i switch them over to Corid?
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    You should edit he topic of your post so people know what you are asking now. I'm sorry that you had to have sick birds :( it's never fun. Especially when it happens like that.

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