Is there a problem is I have to put my chickens in the house at night?


8 Years
May 26, 2011
North Carolina
Hi again,
Im wondering something, is it normal for me to have to put my pullets up at night and when it storms? They dont act like they know how to go up the ramp leading into the house.

I just got them yesterday evening so is just because their still figuring everything out??? Thanks!
They are still figuring it out. A handful of scratch or bread or whatever when it's time to come in at night helps reinforce. As for going in the coop in bad weather? Mine only come in during the worst of storms. Just rain, they don't care and seem to enjoy it even.
So they will just automatically come back into their house at night roost?

Yes. They need to be penned up a little while so they can learn where "home" is. That will also teach them where the eggs need to be laid. After a few days they will go in on their own.

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