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Apr 24, 2008
Is There A Problem Shipping eggs in bubble wrap? I received two separate orders yesterday from two different suppliers. One was shipped in Bubble Wrap the other wasnt. Out of 32 eggs - 7 from each order were smashed or cracked.

When I contacted the shippers one said they dont bubble wrap their eggs because it reduced fertility. I had not heard that before, so wanted to see if anyone else had heard that and why would it reduce fertility?

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May 31, 2008
No, its suppose to reduce impact if the box is dropped, or smashed. It doesnt always work but its always a good idea, to keep the eggs from rolling around in the bottom of the box unproteced. I've got many sellers
here who use bubble wrap, that I bought from, and never lost any fertility.


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Nov 6, 2008
Southwestern PA
I have always gotten my eggs in bubble wrap and have had 100% fertility rate on most clutches. I once got eggs sent to me in a box full of sawdust. Not one was broke, but it made a huge mess digging the eggs out.


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Apr 24, 2008
These were shipped in sawdust and I must say the packaging was the best I ever saw but the eggs on the inside of the carton were smashed to smithereens. Strange. But that was the excuse the shipper gave me and DID offer to send more eggs. I know its probably not their fault but I was curiosu



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Mar 29, 2008
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I have been experimenting with different methods of packing the eggs and so far, the one I have had best reports on is to wrap each egg in a sheet of newspaper and firmly pack those wads into a small box. I re-use the boxes that beverages come in, for example, and then put that box inside a flat rate priority box and pack wads of news paper around that until it can't move within the outher box. I have done the same thing with a plastic shopping bag, put all my wads of paper wrapped eggs in the plastic bag, tie it snug around the eggs, pad the bottom of a box with wads of paper, and stuff, even jam, paper wads around it firmly until it cannot budge inside the box and is tightly supported on all sides, away from the sides of the box. All eggs made it in good shape. i have packed in sawdust, bubble wrap, packing peanuts (the worst so far) and yesterday I sent some eggs to Alaska in a styrofoam box that dog vaccines came in, bottom layered with sawdust, eggs wadded heavily in newspaper, more sawdust packed on top, stryfofoam box inside a cardboard box, more newspaper wadded up and packed between the styrofaom box and the cardboard box to minimize movemetn. We will see how it comes out in another day or so... for me, i have found that packing in egg cartons did not work so well and has cost me a few second sets of eggs.... for what it's worth... I'm sure everyone's experience is different and some of it is just chance, different carriers, how fast the machine whips it through the system, how high the pile is that the box tumbles out on at the time of sorting, the weather, you name it. some thing are just out of our control, no matter how well the eggs are packed.


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Feb 10, 2008
Eastern NC
I don't think bubble wrap has any effect on the hatchability of the eggs, we have been using it for years.

I am curious as to the shipping though, what size boxes where they shipped in? standard size boxes?

Steve in NC


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Aug 16, 2008
I have recieved lots of eggs (even some from Alaska!) all of which were packed in bubble wrap, and I've never had any issues with fertility. Most of the eggs I've incubated have developed, then either hatched or quit half way into incubation.

So I don't think bubble wrap does anything to fertility.


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Feb 8, 2009
Philadelphia PA
The good thing is the shipper did offer to send more eggs as not all of them will do that, you found a good seller, if the hatch goes well go back to the same seller and avoid the rif- raf. I have heard breeders talk about the bubble wrap suffocating the eggs that is the only negative I have heard on bubble wrap, I have had many eggs shipped and never got a single one broken, some have been in bubble wrap, others in paper, I would imagine that the box really has to get slammed for an egg to crack or break, the shells can be strong, and bubble wrap and other insulation really is good, so someone probably played soccer with your box of eggs. Good luck with them! and don;t forget if you get even half of the shipped eggs to develop or hatch that is GOOD!!! I had 31 serama eggs shipped recently by a guy named Jamie Singleton who sells on eggbid and only 5!!!!! yes 5!!!! are good at day 15 now (most of the eggs were infertile)! but hey, it's always a gamble! the seller could not have cared less about the eggs either and I asked if he would send a couple free if I paid shipping, NOT INTERESTED.



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Mar 27, 2008
I remember in school we would have teams and we would all wrap an egg as best we could.Then see who's egg survived the long drop.

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