Is there a simple way to crack corn?


9 Years
May 6, 2010
SW Iowa
We live in corn country and there was a corn spill nearby and when they finished cleaning up what they wanted we then went out there in the ditch and got at least 500 pounds of shelled corn. I need to crack it though for the chickens. I can't afford to go out and buy a cracker or big corn mill . Is there a cheap way to do this?
You don't need to crack it....I go out to our corn field after we're done harvesting and pick up the ears the combine missed. I throw it in on the cob and they peck it off and eat it whole. They digest it fine whole.
I you know someone that has a chipper/shreader for limbs and leaves etc. they work like a champ! I sit mine on a trailer so that I don't have to stay bent over and just tie a fees bag to the out chute. You can feed it into the ingoing chute with a shovel and it will crack it real well. If you want it finer, just run it through again. If I run mine through 3-4 times, it comes out like cornmeal and the little chicks can eat it like starter!

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