Is there a trick to incubating duck eggs?


9 Years
Dec 2, 2010
I am used to chicken eggs and finally broke bad and bought some duck eggs- What do you do different besides the time difference. I heard that the humidity needs to be higher. Is that true- also if the ducks are mixed- when do I put those on lockdown- I know some duck eggs take longer than others. these are runner crossed with call for the most part..thanks all you duck lovers!!
I think the only time difference on hatching within ducks is really if you are hatching Moscovy as opposed to a "mallard" type duck (ie: pekin, runner, campbell....). I'm setting right now.....5 goose eggs and 2 duck, mixed breeds.... this is what came up "fertile" after candling from my first collection from the flock this year. I know it's early (I'm in Pacific NW) but I saw the eggs and couldn't resist! As far as humidity....I just have your basic table top Little Giant styrofoam unit without a fan or anything and hatched out 6 geese on my first try last year! I hand turned 3 times a day, and on one of those turns I would spritz them good with water (both sides). And keep the water "tray" filled. Also some people swear by letting the eggs cool a little everyday.....I just took my time when I sprayed them. I have a momma goose and momma ducks that hatched out clutches of their own last year and once a day they would leave the nest, munch some grass in the field, and take a swim in the pond. I suppose we are supposed to be mimicking them
And they took their time!
Good luck....I enjoy my ducks as much as my chickens!
I have some chicken and Muscovy duck eggs incubating right now. I suppose it's probably not the best situation to have them both in there at the same time but it's going ok right now. The chicks are due to hatch next weekend and the ducks will be a couple weeks after. So far, everyone is growing good. My ducks are on day 6 and this is what I got today when I candled.


I can also see the heartbeat! 28/30 original chicken eggs are doing good too! I have the humidity around 65% and have also read about misting the duck eggs. It seems that some people do and some people don't. The articles I have read do state that there is a higher mortality rate for ducks for some reason.

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