Is there a way to empty a chickens crop? Necropsy report shows a problem that other chickens could h

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    I recently got the neighbors chickens which were kept in substandard conditions. They were fed only dried whole kernel corn. One hen died 2 days ago. I just got back a preliminary report on a few of the findings from UC Davis. One was that the crop was severely filled with corn. I have had them for approx. 3 weeks and have never given them that corn. I am now concerned that possibly others may have the same problem. Is there any way to tell? Would I feel their crop in the morning (they have not been handled by people) to see if there is still stuff there? Would it be empty then? I am new to this so I am not sure how to proceed. She also had round worms and emaciated. Is there something to give them to get it to go down? Would Monistat help with that? Any ideas would greatly be appreciated because maybe I can work on that now before it is to late. I will be getting the worm medicine from the vet tomorrow.

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