Is there a way to PREVENT internal laying or becoming egg bound?


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
Rome, NY
My girls are only 3 weeks old, but I'm already worrying about health issues down the road. Ive been trying to research preventions. Does anyone know if there is a way to help prevent hens from becoming egg bound or internal laying? Maybe dietary or supplements? I read somewhere that olive or veg oil (not sure which one) can help with a hen thats egg bound... does this work as a prevention? Thanks.....
You cannot prevent internal laying. It's genetic/hormone based and very common, especially with high production types. Hens are the only animals who get spontaneous ovarian tumors like human women. The best you can do is not push them to lay at a high pace through winter when they'd normally take a rest.

Egg binding is a bit different. Be sure they aren't pushed to mature early by feeding too high protein as they approach their "teens" so they slow down. Make sure they get plenty of vitamin E and methionine as in sunflower seeds. And don't feed them too many goodies to make them too fat. Other than that, I dont know. Olive oil, or any oil, really, squirted up the vent may lube her up so she can pass the egg that is stuck.

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