Is there a way to tell if the meat has "rested" long enough?


12 Years
Dec 6, 2007
I butchered 30 cx birds yesterday and have them in coolers of ice brine water. Is there a way to tell if the have sat long enough? I plan on packing them in the freezer on Friday evening?

Any suggestions?

Also, I plan to freeze the livers, do they need to rest also. I have them in brine water in the frig.

How people brine varies a lot; some will not brine for more than 2 or 3 yours. If the brine is heavily salty, it will definitely add salt to the meat. Resting is another conversation, has to do with rigor mortis. I make sure they rest until the stiffness is gone and the legs move easily before cooking or freezing. Just what I do; don't know that it is necessary. And no, you don't have to brine or rest livers at all, they are very tender. and they are not muscle; rigor mortis happens to muscles.
Thanks! I took one out of th cooler last night and it was really stiff. I didn't know if it was because of it being cold or rigor.
The carcass limbs should move freely and the flesh should feel tender and soft to the touch, the cold should not effect this. brine mixture needs to be sufficent for example 1/4 cup of disolved salt per 2 gal's of water. Depending on the type of chicken it was at processing it should normaly take 3-4 day's to get a very good relaxed muscles.

Ok I just saw the were CX's so that's good.
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