Is there a way to train them not to eat eggs?

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    Hello, all you chicken people! [​IMG]
    My friend (who I am trying to convince to join BYC, how many of you think we need another member? C'mon! [​IMG] ) is having troubles with some of her hens eating eggs. [​IMG] I've heard that you can un train them by isolating them and giving them a couple golf balls to peck at, and eventualy they decide that pecking doesn't do anything. [​IMG] However, I wasn't sure how accurate that is. She doesn't wanna have to give up her chickies, I'm sure.
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    Need to be vigilant with egg eaters. Fake eggs can help. Also some people fill blown out eggs with hot mustard, horseradish, or liquid soap.
    Collect eggs frequently
    Keep the nests dim, some even put curtains in front of the nests
    I had success with rearranging things in the coop(shaking things up)
    Also roll away nest might be needed.

    Good luck

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    Freezer camp.
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    Jul 29, 2010
    blow out an egg and fill it with spicy mustard and hot sauce. [​IMG] (they should get the point quickly)
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    Aug 7, 2010
    hi, im sorry im new, but what does "blowing out eggs" mean?
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    Quote:Blowing out an egg is when you poke a small hole at each end of the egg. Poke a needle into the hole and stir to break up the white and yolk. Then blow into the egg at one end, the inside will come out the other end. (It's kinda hard to do) Then run a little water and soap into the egg shell to wash it out. Let dry. Then you have an empty egg shell you can use for other things. Egg Eating Bombs, Crafts, Decor etc.

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    Aug 7, 2010
    oh. thanks and im glad i found out before i got my chicks... cause im definatly gonna do that and keep their first eggs [​IMG]
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    Ok here we go.

    1. nest boxes should be small enough so the hen can not turn around and do a jig.

    2. They should be dark facing away from the windows.

    3. They should have enough straw/hay so the egg does not break when she lays it.

    Now I've just gotten "Minnie Rose Lovgreens Recipe for raising chickens" Trillium press $15. Excellent read. Very simple and down to earth. Lots of good stuff like how to stop a rooster from biting.
    She suggests hanging a piece of burlap over the opening to the nest box.

    Mine face away from the windows so they are shadey or dark inside.
    I also keep wooden eggs in each box 24/7. I only take them out to wash them if they get poopy.

    Be sure the eggs are being eaten and not just broken from thin shells. Make sure there are enough nest boxes for the number of hens.

    Hope this helps


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