Is there an eggs 101 type post for newbies somewhere?

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    I've been on BYC for some time now, but we're finally getting our eggs! It seems like we've been waiting forever and now the girls are stepping up to the plate and I have lots of silly questions. If anyone knows of a stickypost somewhere that explains the basics: please send the link, I appreciate it. Otherwise: here's the most pressing questions:

    1. What is the basic collection and handling procedures for eggs? I assume that they are to be carefully washed as I've found plenty of chicken poop on some of them. Is there a preferred way to do this? For example, should I use anti-bac soap or bleach water? I've seen commercial egg wash at the store but that seems like overkill. However, I do want to be extra extra careful as I am pregnant.

    2. How long do uncollected eggs 'keep' from spoiling? If I forget to collect eggs one day are the eggs collected the following day all safe to eat (as I won't be able to tell the difference between the recent and not so recently laid eggs)? I imagine this may vary depending on the outside temperature, is that a factor?

    3. I am used to store bought eggs - what do I need to know in terms of the refrigerated shelf life of my new fresh eggs?

    4. Anything else I should know? Any recommendations for anything to do with collecting and handling our precious new commodity would be so much appreciated! Thanks so much in advance!
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    Congrats! It's a great feeling getting your own eggs. :)

    Here's my answers to your questions, but most of it is personal preference and from my own knowledge, which is by no means extensive.
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    Congratulations on the baby!
    1. Try to keep the nesting boxes as clean as possible then you don't have to worry about dirty eggs; I know that isn't always possible, so you can take a wet paper towel and wipe the eggs down, or wait until you use the eggs and give them a good scrub before breaking them open. Commercial egg wash isn't needed. If you're really worried about it, wear dish gloves while handling before cleaning.

    2. Collecting on day two isn't a big deal, unless you get an egg eater and then you're doomed. Remember the eggs you buy in the store are at least a week old by the time you get them. I've kept mine in the fridge for up to three weeks. If you think you won't use them, you can hard boil them crumble them up and feed them back to your girls, or scramble them up and freeze them for baking later.

    Enjoy your eggs! You will be amazed at the difference a fresh egg makes.
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    thanks for your questions, I needed to read the answers- my chickens will begin laying soon I hope [​IMG]

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