Is there any substantial difference between araucana and Easter Egger chickens

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    We picked up chicks that were labeled as araucana and I got eggs off of eBay that are actually hatching and they were supposed to be the true araucana breed with the silver color and all blue eggs except the eggs that were given were all blue LOL there was some olive green and some chocolate brown and some light blue which makes an interesting dozen of eggs but is there any substantial difference between the breeds from what I have read Easter Eggers are considered mutts
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    Depending where you got those chicks from, if from hatchery they are more likely EEs unless you got them from a true breeder. You are correct about EEs being "mutts" but they are fun & lay colored eggs.

    There are both full-sized and bantam Araucanas.[18] They may be either normally tailed or rumpless. The Araucana has a pea comb and lays approximately 250 blue or green eggs per year.[12]

    In Australia, only the tailed Araucana is recognised in the Australian Poultry Standards;[19] both tailed and rumpless may be exhibited.[11]

    The British standard accepts both tailed and rumpless;[18] they may be treated as separate breeds.[20][21] The British type of Araucana has a beard and muffs which conceal the earlobes.

    In North America, Araucanas have long ear-tufts and are rumpless. As both ear-tufts and rumplessness are caused by autosomal dominantlethal alleles, not all of the birds can display these traits.[22]

    A total of twenty plumage varieties are listed for the Araucana by the Entente Européenne d’Aviculture et de Cuniculture.[23] Of these, five are recognised by the American Poultry Association for large fowl: black, black breasted red, silver duckwing, golden duckwing, and white; for bantams, buff is added to these.[3] The Australian Poultry Standard recognises black, cuckoo, lavender, splash, white and any colour which is standard in Old English Game.[19] The Poultry Club of Great Britain recognises twelve colours: black, black-red, blue, blue-red, crele, cuckoo, golden duckwing, lavender, pile, silver duckwing, spangled, and white.[2]:43–44
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    You are correct EE are mutts, and they are just LOVELY MUTTS.:love
    Your eggs are Easter eggers.
    It is soo common for so many pepps to label their EE as Araucana, or Americauna. EE are a combination of one of there crossed with other chicken breed.
    Araucana are rumpless BTW. Americaunas do have rumps.
    WISHING YOU BEST..... :highfive:
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    Very few EEs have araucana in them.
    The only real thing an EE and araucana have in common is that araucana should lay blue eggs and EE might lay blue eggs.

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