Is there anything else this could be aside from Mareks?

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    Hi, I posted about my little girl in here a few days ago but want to try again...I have a 4 month old Golden sebright who seemed fine last week. Saturday when I let her out of the coop I found her across the yard laying down. A little while later she was back by the coop laying down. When I went to pick her up she flopped around a little bit but that was it (she would usually run). I thought she was cold since we were in for a snow storm so I brought her in the house to warm her up. She cant stand, seems to be gasping, her wings are all over the place and she will flop around in the cage every once in a while. Now she is even laying on her side stiffly to the point where I keep thinking she may have died but then she flops around again. She looks really lathargic but when I pick her up she seems better looking around and more alert. None of the other birds in the coop seem to be effected right now. She was eating and drinking as of yesterday but not as much today. Here is video from Saturday . and now this is this morning
    obviously don't want her to suffer but being new to owning chickens I need some advise. In my last post people seemed to think that it could be Mareks. After reading about it I can see that. I was also reading about the Hypericum treatment that people have posted about. Is there anything else that this could be? Are there things that I could try or should I cull? I know if it is Mareks there is no cure but have people found the Hypericum treatment effective? If it has worked does the chicken relapse often and to the same extent? Trying to concider her quality of life here...
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    It could be boutulism from moldy food or something else.
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    You might also be dealing with a nutrition issue, many areas of the us are selenium deficient, so the grains raised in those areas or the grass there that animals eat can be deficient in this vitamin. Try vitamins (non with iron please) I use vet rx or baby drops (again no iron in them) wishing for the best.
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    The first vid shows to me a "Marek" pose. The 2nd vid tells me to euthanize. I am really sorry, I could hope that I was wrong. But I think it's time.....
    She is showing nerve damage to her legs and nerves to her lungs.
    From 2 years ago, I've had a sporadic deaths now known to be Marek's, and watching ten-8 week old chicks die one by one with paralysis, wasting away, mouth breathing, not able to aim at the food. Not able to eat, but hungry, able to flop around on wings, wings not working at all, the "death" gasp, or just appearing normal then dying. Or any combination of the above symptoms. Or none. From this summer on, I have seen 12 in all die from Marek's. Only half of them showed paralysis of the legs. 2 had the death gasp , one went blind, and 3 just wasted away, but always looked hungry, but wouldn't approach food.

    In the last 4 months, have you gotten new chickens? Did any of your current chickens have contact with a flock outside your own? If your chickens are older, they may have a chance at resistance.

    I could be wrong, but there is no test for Marek's. The only way to assume is by a flock history and symptoms. And most likely if more than one dies.

    Sorry . I didn't see her name anywhere.

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