Is there anything I should do to help this newborn? Natural hatch. My with my 1st broody hen.


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Sep 5, 2012
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Yesterday this little guy got accidently shoved out of the nest when the broody mom was getting back in to sit & cracked his shell. Since today was the day for hatching we gently put him back under his mother. Today, I came home from work & he is completely hatched and kicking a leg & cheeping however his shell & him looked a little bloody. He was hatched & I did not assit him to break free prematurely.

It appeared to be strong to begin with & kicked legs & chirped but as the night wears on, he appears lethargic. It appears he is not going to make it. Is there anything that should be done to help it survive? Now that I see that other chick (below) that is walking around I feel like something is wrong.

She probably has 10 other eggs under her, however these are the only 2 that have broken free.

Any info would be helpful. I am a 1st time small flock owner since September & 1st time natural hatcher.

******Update********Yellow chick passed during the night.

The little black chick who we named Happy Feet is thriving. Others are starting to hatch today.


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