Is there anything important im missing in my chickens diet?

yolka doodle

7 Years
Oct 7, 2012
Essex, England
Hi, i feed my girls layer pellets and a feed called poultry gold, it contains wheat, cut maize, linseed seed, peas, hen grit, oyster shell, hipro soyabean (ext), limestone granules, sunflower extract, wheatfeed, dicalcium phosphate, salt, DL-methionine, layers supp(DSM) oil. They can not get enough of it, also chicken grit, garlic granules, then i cook them a treat most nights, potato peelings all sorts of veg, rice and pasta, bread they have the odd yogurt. is there anything missing?
o and corn. also they free range when i get home.
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ha ha! so i am not missing anything. Chickens eat you out of house and home dont they its like they are contantly hungry or is it greed? i worm them as recommended, its funny the family come in and say mmmmmmmm whats for dinner i say its not for you its for the chickens.
I see no animal proteins and fats in your feed, chickens are Omnivores really should have animal proteins and fats in there feed.


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