Is There Anything We Can Do? 3 Week Chick With Spraddle Leg & Twisted Leg...

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    Jan 12, 2013
    I came to this board to see if I could help my special needs chick. I found out about spraddle leg and started treatment immediately, but she was already 6 days old. With the bandaid on, she was doing much better... quite the waddler. But she pulls it off now easily (even doubled). Now that she is getting bigger, her one spraddle leg just slides in every direction; the other leg is all twisted, pretty much all the way around. Today she has barely moved.. mainly slide / flying combo. She is smaller than her sisters... same day and 2 days younger. We have her on medicated crumble and added the Poly drops 2 days ago to the water.

    This is my first hatched chick... combo of Japanese buff Bantam and Silkie. This is the egg we found with a leg hanging out of it (no zipping). I'm sorry, but I'm an emotional mess. I don't want her to suffer [​IMG](she seems content for the most part) but don't want to give up either.[​IMG]
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    May 23, 2009
    I've never encountered this, but was compelled by your post to read a bit about it. First thing I saw was people had to be a bit persistent with the splinting before their birds "got their legs." In other words, they did have to resplint muiltiples times. Second thing I saw is pasted below:

    Just another wee bit of experience: after doing the hobbles thing to a guinea chick last month, and he wasn't doing too well, we lined the bottom of the brooder with a piece of window screen, and it was just the traction Tiny Tim needed to get his feet going. Before we hobbled him, he was "swimming" all over the brooder. Now he is running and flying with his buds. Love the pictures. Good job!

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