Is there anything wrong with SF??


5 Years
Apr 9, 2018
St Louis, Missouri
Something seems off with my salmon faverolle, so please, if you are familiar with the breed, chime in.

She is seven months old and sweet, but there have been a couple of times I've thought she seemed lethargic. Is sleepiness a breed trait? She stays at roost the longest and takes LOTS of naps while in the run and free ranging. Sometimes, she stays in the run alone while the others freerange, and she tucks her beak and sleeps. She is not at the bottom of the pecking order.

I just can't find anything wrong with her. She normally hates being handled, but I can pick her up fairly easily right now since she seems under the weather. She's eating and drinking. She laid her first few eggs late summer and hasn't laid in a couple of weeks. I thought faverolles were year-round layers. Is she different?

She did something this morning that was strange. She used her head to move a couple of hens out of the way to single out a specific polish hen and nudged the polish hen (gently, but with her head down like a bulldozer) into a corner while making a purring noise I've never heard her make. Then she stood there with her head down in front of the polish for about 30 seconds, and the polish stood there too. Then, they moved on. What was that?

I took scrambled eggs out to them this morning, and she joined the party.
There are no visible signs of illness other than the lethargy. Could she just be a sleepy loner chicken?
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Maybe, but keep looking for any symptoms. My salmon takes naps more often then the others, and she tends to stay with one hen to scratch around instead of always joining her rooster or the rest of the flock. :)

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