Is there hope for this hatch?


8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
I have chicks in the bator that I put down yesterday and some were pipping. Today the switch was off until the temp was 78 degrees...
What are the chances for survival of any of the eggs?
I'm pretty sure the actual egg stays warm for quite a while after the temperature drops. There's always hope!
I need to ask you guys about three hatches I have had this year. I am very sad to tell about eggs I ordered from people That I would NEVER believe sent me eggs that were not viable. Two were bannies one was Maran. I have followed the instructions to the letter I believe sent with my Styrofoam incubator and every time I send for eggs which have been only the three times I get no hatches. In one orpington hatch I got one lavender baby out of 24 eggs, the others I got zip.

Now I have had some successful hatches with this incubator but only with my own eggs. Just yesterday I had two blue Dutch born out of two eggs but I also have some blue Aussie eggs which have not yet piped. three in fact from my own hens. I will go over the steps I take to lock down to see where you might tell me where I am going wrong.

One I take the eggs and place them on the kitchen counter Till I have enough to fill my needs. This is never more than a week. Next I inspect them looking for shape ,size of egg and color of the eggs candling them just to be sure that there is a viable yoke and air sack in each.
I put them in my preheated incubator which has run for about 24 hours with consistent heat and fill the water reserves. When the humidity is right I put them in The incubator for lock down. I check the water and humidity daily often several times a day on my digital unite who's probe is on the same level as the eggs but not blocking the auto turner.

I start an hourly vigil 18 days looking for my first pip and when that occurs I put them in an aquarium where the temp is kept between 95 and 99 degrees. This is set on our kitchen breakfast table where we monitor the eggs hourly day and night.

I know I have to be doing things wrong but I cant see it so I am asking for your help.
Thank you for writing chickaroo ? I am asking for help can you give any? or was that just a comment. . I have not been on this list before . Is there as limit to how long a post should be? I did not mean to over step the bounds of time limitations.
No not at all it was just a comment u can right as much as u want now to helping u do u get ur eggs shipped to u? Because I know that when they are shipped they can get damaged on the way I heard of a lady that got hers shipped and none hatched because they were scrambled from poor treatment and the reason your own eggs are hatching is because they have come straight from the coop to the house to the bator not straight from a factory or hatchery packed in boxes to the ship shipped to destination taken out of box and put in incubator. I have not problem with shipping it's just it's much more complicated.
I is very kind of you to write. I do not want to start out breaking the rules. Thank you so very much for this information. It has been very helpful. you see the boxes of each had been damaged. one had been run over and still had tire tracks on it this was the Marasns. The Sea bights I had purchased for my wife as a special project and the Dutch were for her as well. She really enjoys the chickens as do I. She has some of the cutest Jap. Bantams I have ever seen. They are a very light silver and the blacks and blues have white birchen on their necks and backs.

These problems were not the shippers fault and because it happened to all three I felt I must have done something wrong without knowing it. Another dumb novice.
With the hatches that didn't work, did you check out the eggs before throwing them out? Had the embryos started to develop? Did they die late? Did they pip and then not make it out? This might give us a few more clues, although damaged boxes is a pretty definite sign the eggs were scrambled in transit!

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