Is there something wrong with my rooster?


10 Years
Apr 12, 2009
North Texas
This is what he used to look like at 9 or 10 weeks old.-


And this is what he looks like now at 13 weeks old-


Is he okay? He holds his tail weirdly... And he just doesn't look right. Its almost like he has bed head.
Oh thank goodness! I was worried. He's always so handsome... and he knows it.
That to see him hiding behind the post like that was kind of odd. He's usually on top of me the second I walk in there...

So its normal for him to hold his tail like that during a molt? I've never seen that before.
Not sure about the tail. Molting takes a lot out of the bird, so just keep an eye on him for anything like a change in behavior, eating, etc. I have a hen right now who was losing weight because she's going through a hard molt. I had to separate her because she was getting picked on. Try feeding him some high protein foods like scrambled eggs, sunflower seeds, to help them grow in quicker. It usually takes a minimum of 5-6 weeks for a feather to grow back.
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