Is there such a thing as a good quality, cheap crock pot/slow cooker?


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Oct 5, 2008
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I am trying to think of some things to get my mom for Christmas, but I'm not going to have much money. She likes making roast beef and pot roast in her crock pot every once in awhile, but that thing is old as dirt. She got it over 28 years ago, right before she got married. I want to get her a good one, but she doesn't use it very often, so I don't want to spend a ton of money. I saw one online that came with 3 different sized cooking bowls, but I don't remember the brand.

Anyone have a good one that doesn't cost much to buy? I want to get her a six quart, and I would like to buy one with different sized bowls, but it doesn't have to be. Suggestions?
just get her a great big roasting pot
those are cheap and just as good.
I would, but she doesn't cook. She doesn't ever make anything other than baked chicken, pork, or cakes in the oven and those are just in a pan. I'm the cooker. She works from 1 to 9 and I'm gone to school from 7 to 2:45, so she never really cooks big dinners or anything. She probably wouldn't even know what a roasting pan is.
Not to second guess your gift idea, but why buy a new crockpot if she doesn't use her's very often? I know that sounds weird, but we follow the "dont' fix it, if it ain't broke" rule in our house. So it sounds a bit strange to be replacing something she doesn't use often anyway. Unless, she doesn't use it often because it's old or something's wrong with it.

If she doesn't have a roasting pot, maybe you should look into that instead. Like I said, not trying to discourage you, just pointing something out. It's my way of trying to help people, I point things out.
I'm weird, I know.

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No, that does make a lot of sense. If I don't buy the crock pot, that means I can afford to get her the torque wrench she wants and replace the living room blind which my new dog tore up.

The cheaper slow-cookers are metal, and they don't work nearly as well as the ceramic ones, though they're still nice to have.
Target has a Hamilton Beach for $24.99, and one with a stoneware pot for $39.99.

I like the stoneware/ceramic better, but in my younger years I had a cheap metal slow cooker, and I got a good 15 years of use out of it, and it worked well. We still have it, but the ceramic one we got is larger, and more uniform heat at low temps. Still, if the stoneware/ceramic is beyond your budget, don't fret. I had years of great use from my cheap metal cooker from my "poor kid" days right out of college.

There are even some small 3 qt. for $17.99, if you're on a tight budget. I'd try for at least the 4 qt. though, better for things like a small roast.

I loved making pot roast (still do) when I was young and on a budget. It was a feast for a fairly low price, and the leftovers would last me for days!

If you like ethnic foods, look up Beef Rendang. Good slow-cooker dish, and we love it. Cinnamon and beef my sound unusual, but it is amazingly tasty!

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