Is there such a thing as an EE bantie?


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May 6, 2015
Washington state



I'm new to chickens and now am the proud owner of eight 5 week old chicks 4 White Plymouth Rock, 2 Barred Rock, and 2 Easter Eggers. My newbie question is one of my EE doesn't seen to be growing as fast as the others. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I try and learn more.
Could be a bantam. Ameraucanas and Aracaunas both come in bantam sizes, and since Easter Eggers are hybrids of those, then it's possible to have a bantam.

However, Easter Eggers can often be smaller than other chickens. Since they are cross-bred, their size can decrease. My friend has two Easter Eggers, which we affectionately call "2/3 of a chicken".
Thanks I was just wondering as the other EE that looks just like her is half again as big. But the little girl is the friendliest of the bunch and my wife's favorite. I appreciate all the info since I have never had chickens before and my wife hasn't had any since she was a child on the farm.

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