Is there such a thing as too much fruit?


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Feb 4, 2017
The hot weather has arrived here in Western Colorado. We are suddenly 90+ degrees. We have a new-ish flock of 7 chickens, all approximately 4-5 months old. They have shade under their coop and part of their run, but it's just so darned hot out there. We are continuing to tweak the shade aspect, trying to give them some shade and some sun for when it's cooler out. I'm trying to keep them cool; they have to be miserable. I've been offering fresh water and cold fruits out of the fridge. They've had a lot of watermelon the last 5 days as we've had neighbors and friends donate to the cause. I was just out there and notice one of the chickens had a completely liquid poop. I can't tell a color, mostly because it was literally all liquid and it's on the dirt floor of their run. If I had to guess, honestly, it was clear. Without getting TMI, I know what happens when I eat too much fruit, so I"m guessing the same could happen to a chicken?? Should I be concerned that something else is going on?
Maybe less fruit and more cold water would be good; ice in the waterers, for example. More shade and air flow; can you put a fan in a coop window? Trees and shrubs, especially on the south and west sides of the coop. Evergreens on the north and west for blocking winter winds, and deciduous on the south side especially. Mary

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