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    I did a search on two sites.. I didnt dig link to link to link but did a basic search..

    we were looking at some meat birds.. and I am getting the bug in my ear about incubating eggs.. but we have too many egg layers right now.. soooo

    has anyone ever heard about getting cornish cross or other meat birds via eggs and then hatching them?

    Any links would be appreciated.
  2. Many of the hatcheries will sell meat bird eggs, call and ask. They are often favoured for the school hatchings as they are white eggs, so you see much more when candling. The most important thing is freshness and lack of transport so call the hatchery closest to you. For a small number of eggs even just call a commercial hatchery that just does meat birds for industry and see if they will sell you a few.
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    On this site go under breeders and hatchers and see if they have to sell you or under sell, buy or trade.
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    Quote:I'm not sure they would part with the eggs.

    Basically, all the commercial hatcheries do is buy eggs from breeders, hatch them, ship them and take your $$. You won't find a single live adult chicken at most hatcheries.

    Broilers are purchased as hatching eggs from one of two big breeders in the US. The genetics are proprietary, so my guess is they are contractually prohibited from selling the hatching eggs.

    You could always make your own Cornish X in the backyard and hatch those.

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