Is there such thing as a quiet rooster?


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We have 6 hens that are showing signs that they would like a rooster. We borrowed a Leghorn once but sent him back the next day after he started making noice at 3am and didn't stop. I thought the neighbors were gonna call the cops on us! We currently have RIR, Red Sex Link, and Brahmas. Thanks!
I have a Blue Andalusian Rooster that is fairly quiet. He crows early in the mornings, maybe around 6 or so, and it's very rare for me to hear anything else out of him the rest of the day. Now my other rooster crows ALL day long.

(And if you think he's quiet, he is only being quiet until you sell the loud roo next to him.)

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Doing the "egg squat" for you and "showing signs that they would like a rooster" are not necessarily the same thing. Hens are perfectly fine without a rooster. Unless you want your own fertile eggs, you do not need a rooster.
The only time the words "quiet" and "rooster" can be used together is when said rooster also happens to be "dead."

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