Is there such thing as to much humidity?


10 Years
Jan 17, 2010
I have an Lg incubator and i dont know if it getting enough humidity so next hatch i thought i would put a little bowl in there with a sponge in it with water and also fill the question would that be to much humidity......and on lock down how would i make the humdity higher ?
Yes, it is possible to have too high of humidity during lockdown (they can actually drown). With my LGs, I aim for about 50% of the windows to be covered with condensation during lockdown (I've given up on hygrometers, they just aren't accurate). If the windows become fully covered with condensation, then, and ONLY then, do I take out the red plugs. I just found this out during the last couple hatches I've done. The directions I've read say to take out the plugs on day 18 for oxygen, but I find that my hatch rate goes up if I leave them in (I was losing a lot of un-hatched chicks because of too low humidity). Hope this helps!
Too much humidity can cause, rubbery membrane..makes it hard for chicks to get through that rubbery membrane.
True what a poster said, those hydgrometers just arent' accurate most of the time. I've had up to three different ones in at a time, and they all read different! That's why I don't like waiting too long before helping..that's me personally, when I know the due date for sure!

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