IS there sucha thing as too much calcium?

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    Mar 15, 2011
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    One of my 6 girls just started laying 2 days ago. I had a little starter/grower left about a week ago so I bought layer pellets and mixed it with the last of the starter/grower to get them used to it. The first 2 eggs had shells, they were just very thin. So last night I put up a feeder with oyster shell and showed them where it was. But I was wondering can I also give them yogurt and other things every day since they did not seem to like the oyster?

    Is there a danger of giving them too much?

    Also the yolks were very nice and pretty but not very orange and rich. They only get to free range for about an hour each night because we have a hawk so I have to be out there with them and right now I cant stand the heat for longer than that. I do try to give them greens frequently (3 times a week). Spinach, peas, brussel sprouts, etc. Should it be every day?

    Thanks for any input.
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    Their layer pellets generally have all the nutrition they need and as new layers their eggs can be abnormal at first and then steadily get stronger and bigger. You can give calcium in the form of eggs shells broken down, oyster shell, plain yogurts. I like to take all the egg shells and dry them in the microwave, crush them with mortar and pestle and mix them up with some plain yogurt, flax seed and oatmeal and a dash of cayenne. They eat it pretty fast. I also have various greens around the yard and we are growing things like millet and sorghum to feed to them. Occasionally, there will be a soft shelled egg but then the next day it is usually fine. It is also very hot which can slow down laying a bit.
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    I don't know the answer to your exact question about giving them too much calcium, but I do recall reading somewhere on here that they will eat the oyster shell if they need it. We have shell out for our flock and they never seem to eat it, but we leave it out anyway. Sorry I can't help more.
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    Some birds do not seem to care for the texture of oyster. I feed back the egg shells and this supplies them with an abundance of calcium, over and above their layer feed, which is loaded with calcium itself.

    I don't know about "over doing" calcium, as layer feed is balanced for their nutritional needs. Feeding back egg shells just "ups" the provision for thicker shells, that's all.
    If a hen is getting what she wants/needs from her layer feed, she'll self regulate the shell eating, whatever its makeup.

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