Is this a Accreate sexing method?

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  1. HI
    I have heard you can sex new born chicks by wing lengths. I heard the wings with longer feathers are pullets and shorter are roosters? If this is accreate or there is a better way let me know! I just need to know because I have chicks hatching tomorrow and I dont want th roosters to have girl names and the boys to have girl names so yeah....
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  3. You have to breed the parent lines separately. Breeding one to be fast feathering and the other to be slow feathering. The feathering thus becomes a kind of sex link. That's the best I understand it, anyhow.

    It is fairly accurate. Not as accurate as vent sexing, but accurate enough for the hatcheries to often hire High School kids to do it, with some training, of course.

    This also partly explains why many hatchery birds are nowhere near bred to the Standard for the breed. But, that's another story for another time.
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    It is highly accurate if you have carefully cultivated two lines of birds specifically for the purpose.
  5. ok thanks I'll just wait till they are older to see their gender!

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