is this a barred rock or something else?


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
Hi, I bought this "gal" along with another barred rock. the development has been very different, thought they are only a few days different in age. Her feathers are barred, but I would not say they are super crisp. Her tail has a rather low carriage, even with her back and short, almost tapering. Her neck and head she carries more like a guinea, long and low.I hope these are enough pics to compare. Also, not a hatchery bird. I saw the parents, they were very nice looking and "typey" but this person WAS breeding about 20 varieties of chickens at her location so I wonder if something else barred got mixed in? Her brooder boxes had at least 10 varieties clumped up together....

Yep, the leg color easily gives it away!
Looks like our Dominiques. Irregular barring, leg color, pea comb.

You'll know when she starts laying. Marans lay a very dark brown egg and Dominiques a light to med brown egg. She is very pretty.
It's hard to see her comb, but it looks like it's just an underdeveloped straight comb, not a pea. That would rule out Dominique. Her legs are pale in color, so I'd lean more towards a Marans. Her feathers don't have cuckoo patterning to them however.... you know it's possible the breeder accidentally mixed Marans in with Barred Rocks since they look somewhat similar. White legs are a dominant gene too, and would show up in offspring.

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