Is this a Blue or a Splash? *UPDATE*


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I have looked at photos online and am very, very confused. I have a chick that I SWEAR I thought was blue. But according to some photos, the chick is a splash? I also have a chick that I thought was black, but I'll be darned if it doesn't look blue in places. I can't get a photo of the second chick just yet (can't find the power cord for my camera battery to charge) but I'm working on getting the cell phone to connect to the computer.

Anyway, here is a photo of the cockerel I thought was a it blue or splash??

ETA: Next to a Barred Rock mix:

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I'm seeing brown? If so, then it probably isn't quite either

Anyways, discounting the brown, it looks more blue than splash. Give it a few weeks to months and you should be able to tell for sure
LOL...not brown. Zero brown on him. He had some leftover gunk on his head that I didn't get wiped off in time.

I hate waiting...LOL!

I guess when he starts getting his wing feathers in 3 weeks...I'll get an inkling. Killing me.
It looks like a light blue to me! I will say however, that all of my splashes have always hatched out silver (very light silver though), so it could still be a splash. I guess in the next week you will know for sure when the feathers start showing up.
See, this was the only splash bird I have ever hatched out. This little Cochin has a lighter coloring, but the Langshan...idk?



The Langshan has yellow fuzz instead of the white that I'm used to seeing. Which is another thing that's throwing me. Should the down be yellow or white with a blue chick? (I know it could just be coincidence that each chick has yellow white down, but still good information!)

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