Is this a broody ???


11 Years
Apr 21, 2012
she has been like this since yesterday, I tried to roll the eggs out from under her but she drew blood, and if she is broody would these eggs be fertile, we culled our rooster last weekend ??? She just sits there like she is comatose,she is a tetra tint, a small bird not usually puffed up like this...
Okay yeah I am pretty sure she is broody. A frisky one too. Crazy that she drew blood! But the eggs probably are fertilized. Eggs will stay fertile for up to 4 weeks. Hope this helped. Good luck if you are going to let her hatch them.
Yeah, a broody!

I agree, the eggs are probably good.

Don't ya love that stare!?
I was not expecting her to lash out at me the way she did, she is one of my cuddly ones......I didn't think tetra tints were a broody breed....she has all of the eggs from last night and this morning, should I somehow mark them incase she adds more...and how did she get them all in one box, this is a nesting box that doesn't get much use., it is behind my waterer and hard to get to...
Yes, I would certainly mark the ones you think may be fertilized. Other hens may try to use the nest. It also helps to number/label the eggs!
I have decided to let her try to hatch....I really do not have the space to seperate her though, and also I think she only has 2 eggs under her, hubby managed to get most of the eggs from her yesterday....since the rooster was a mean one I really do not want to carry those genes, do you think she would except those fertile grocery store eggs ?????today is clean out day for the coop, will this bother her or should I just spot clean any bad spots.?? Is this something contagious, I really do not need a whole coop of broodies???Breeds in this coop are buff orphington, tetra tint and leghorn.
She is definitly broody, went out late last night to check and she was on the eggs instead of up on the roost with everyone else.
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She should accept grocery store eggs, just put them close to her and she'll roll them up under her.... You don't have to separate her, I leave mine all together, that way the chicks grow up already integrated into the flock - less work for you.... Cleaning didn't bother my girls, they just continued to sit and clucked at me some....
Yea!! she took the bought eggs, she had 4 I removed 2 of them and left her keep 2 that were her own, then gave her a couple at a time of bought eggs, she is covering 13 eggs.....and she seems to have calmed down since yesterday, she still growls but I can move her to look.....I removed the big double yolk and the little tan one left her the 2 whites..and since i do not have any speckled brown eggs I will be able to tell if she collects more..

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