Is this a chicken or duck egg??


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8 Years
Apr 8, 2011
We just got this beautiful bluish green egg from our coop and we aren't sure who layed it. We know its not our big girls as they lay brown so it either came from our silkies or our duck but it seems very small to be a duck egg... I saw that silkies are capable but that it is rare for them to lay blue.

If it is an early egg it certainly could be a duck egg. It looks exactly like my muscovy girls's eggs.... Easy way to tell... Crack it open. If the egg white is stringy and glue-like... It's a duck egg.
We have a mallard and she was attacked by a fox last night
so I don't think she'd lay considering she lost her sister the other day to the jerk of a fox and then got attacked herself (we didn't realize that's what happened till last night). But I will crack it open and check it out thanks.

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