Is This a Drake Feather? 5-6 Week Old Pekins


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Apr 20, 2011
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The duck in the back of the photo seems to have a curled feather (or 2). At this young age, can it be determined?
2 or 3 are quacking, but curly tail has been very quiet so far. They are always so close to each other that I really can't tell which one is actually quacking.
Try picking him up and see how he sounds. if it's raspy then you've got youself a definite boy.

ETA: it looks like the one in front of the duck in question ALSO has a curling tail feather... better check him too! lol
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I lured them out of the pond and into the coop with frozen peas. That is like crack to them! Anyway, when I take them out in the morning, I'll try to catch curly tail and see what he says. I'm hoping that there is only one drake.

Thanks for your responses. I appreciate it.
I'm positive that he's a drake. Mine had a tail EXACTLY like that at that age. It disappeared for a while when he molted, but grew back even curlier than ever.
I have tried to get mine to like peas but they could care less. I start them young and they will eat them while in the brooder but once out in grassy pens mine do not care for peas anymore.

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