Is this a frizzle??


Feb 12, 2017
East Tennessee
So I had a broody mama sit on 10 barnyard eggs (from someone else). She doesn't have any frizzles in her coop but this chick definitely has some uplift to her feathers. You can see the difference between her and the white one next to her. We have a sizzle in another coop and it's super noticeable so this chick falls somewhere in between. What do you think?


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Doesn't look like a frizzle to me either.
Frizzled gene is dominate so if a bird has it it shows. Be pretty hard to get a frizzle chick from a group without any frizzled in it.
I didn't really think so either when comparing it to my other one but have you ever seen feathers coming out from the body that ended up not being a frizzle? So strange!!
I guess I'm not seeing what you are. I don't see anything resembling frizzled feathers.
I do remember a thread on here somewhere about a nutritional issue causing weird feathering.
It's just this little tip of each feather that's standing away from the body. Like I said, we have a sizzle chick a week older and there's definitely a huge difference so I see what you are saying. He just looks different than the others and I'm not sure why.

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