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Bush Chickens

6 Years
Umm,ok,*closes eyes*here goes...( '~~)

You are a Savannah animal,in Africa's constant struggle to survive the harsh climate and terrains.Will you join the zebras,gazelles,or Water Buffalo in their fight to survive against the lions,hyenas and other predators?Or will you join the Lions in their packs,which provide food and safety,along with rules and dominance.Or the hyenas trying to overrule the lions every kill?

There...I'm scared you won't like it but...if you do,I'll add more details and start letting people join... p.s. there is a thread for the creation/improvement of this RP,just ask :)
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7 Years
Nov 5, 2012
There should be cheetahs! And some wild African dogs... And maybe any other African animals that people now of! It sounds really good! I might join if you decide to do it!!!
Good job!

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